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Top 5 Tips to Survive your First (or 15th!) Marathon as a Working Mom

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Training for your first (or 15th!) marathon and trying to manage the crazy training schedule? In this weeks blog post, #teambicchick ambassador & busy working mom, Maureen Smith, shares 5 tips to help you survive your marathon training!

My name is Maureen and I just recently finished my first full marathon! I work full time in Corporate Finance and live in Florida with my husband, our 2yr old son Nolan, and our dog Jingo. I had a blast training and running my race and learned so much! Training is challenging no matter what your life looks like, but working full time and chasing after my son made things interesting. Here are my tips to help you survive smiling:

1. Plan, plan, plan: A great plan is the starting point for your training, but there is so much more you will need to plan, especially if you have a tight schedule! You can fit marathon training into even the tightest schedule if you plan well. That means knowing when you will fit your runs in, carve out time for family time and children’s activities, and understand what your deliverables and travel schedule are at work. For me it meant making frequent use of my slow cooker to minimize time cooking, and fitting in my long runs on the weekends before the house wakes up. I also slept in my running clothes to save those few extra minutes in the morning.

2. Expect the unexpected, go with the flow: Kind of contradicts the first item right? But you know the saying – make plans and God laughs. It’s true. In a perfect world, you plan every part of your day but I promise you that there will be hiccups. Your children will get sick. Your boss will call an early meeting. You will catch your child’s stomach virus. You will train in warm and humid weather and Miami will have record cold temperatures on race day. Just take a breath and know that it will all be ok. Repeat after me – it will all be ok. A few missed training runs will not destroy your race goals.

3. Know your people: Training for a marathon is herculean task but incredibly rewarding. Throughout the process you’ll have doubts, you’ll have bad runs, and you’ll wonder what made you think it was a good idea to attempt such a thing. That’s why it’s so important to have the right support. Get your family and friends involved and let them share your journey! Post about your training on social media, it’ll allow friends near and far to cheer you on and will help you hold yourself accountable.

4. Remember your why: During those times of doubt, or even when you have that rock star run when you can go on forever, remember your why. Why are you trading sleep, a night out, eating extra ice cream, whatever you are sacrificing for this race? This is feat that you will remember forever. After completing this race you are officially a marathoner and no one can take that from you. For me, it was a 10 year dream, and I wanted more than anything to accomplish it for many reasons. That why will get you through whatever challenge you might have!

5. Celebrate!: Make a habit of celebrating wins throughout your training. Getting to that finish line is the ultimate goal, but training for a marathon is more than that. Celebrate getting to work on time after a great tempo workout. Celebrate that your kids will want to help you foam roll ☺ Celebrate the tough runs where you wanted to quit, but didn’t. Celebrate getting back up and finishing your long run after a bad fall. And best of all, celebrate every single mile of the 26.2 you’ll run on race day. You’ve earned it!

Check out more of Maureen on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She's also starting her blog back up! 

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