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What was your first LOVE?

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Hey BIC Chicks!

Welcome to the official BIC Bands Blog! Here we will share things that we hope inspire you, things that motivate you, and things we are passionate about! 

To start things off, our ambassador, Andi Swanson, shares about one of her first loves.  

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches I thought it would be appropriate to write about Love…But not in the sense you might think.

This Valentine’s Day I want you to think about your FIRST LOVE- of an activity or sport. What sparked the interest to play that sport or to participate in that particular activity? Think back to what got the fire burning in your belly and what gave you those butterflies.

For me mine was cheerleading and gymnastics. I loved the discipline I had to have in order to master certain tumbling passes. I loved the everyday practice that would last 2-3 hours during the week and even longer on Saturdays because I knew it would help get me to where I wanted to be. Most of all, I loved the mental aspect of my sport the most. Being able to block out the entire audience while performing a tough routine. Or, getting so inside of my own head before a major tumbling pass to get myself psyched up for the wow factor.

Think to that time, that moment, you knew you had found the love of your life. You found something you wanted to do for as long as your body would allow you to do it. Even though I am unable to perform the things I used to as a youngster I still LOVE them. I love the memories, I love that I can still do a cartwheel, a head stand, a hand stand as well as a split at the age of 48. No, I may not be able to throw a back handspring back tuck, but I sure have the memories to last me a life time and to share with my family.

As we age our Love changes and that is quite alright…..As long as you Love Yourself First and Love what  you are doing, you are in a truly blessed place. 

Andi is a cancer survivor, who completed 15 5ks last year. You can follow Andi HERE on her blog.

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